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A community for schizophrenics.

Schizophrenia Community
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This community was started as a way to bring together those who suffer from schizophrenia, their familiy and friends. Post about your experiences. You are not alone! Students and mental health professionals are welcome to join in as well, as long as they remain sensitive to the need of some of our members to vent negative feelings about caregivers. You do not have to have a schizophrenic disorder to join this community, but if you do not, please keep your posts on-topic about schizophrenia, and do not self/online diagnosis or any other misinformation.

If you are undiagnosed but experiencing symptoms, go to the emergency room or call 911.



  • No advertising without prior permission, please.

  • Please LJ cut long or off-topic posts.

  • Be supportive of those suffering from mental illness, and please don't perpetuate myths.

  • While people not diagnosed with schizophrenic disorders are welcome, requests for us to diagnose anyone are not, and neither is advocating/supporting online or self-diagnosis. Both are impossible, never helpful, and potentially very harmful (If you are undiagnosed and experiencing symptoms, go to the emergency room or call 911).

  • If you have a problem with anything posted in this community, or if any of the above rules are broken, please contact a moderator, listed below under Moderators privately. Due to the vulnerability of many of our members, please do not flame in our community.


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